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Stucco Fine is a high finish lime-based interior plaster. In only two coats, it allows to obtain a soft surface to the touch and very decorative coloured transparency effects. It is naturally antifungal.


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2.5 kgApprox. 110 ft² (2 coats)70
10 kgApprox. 450 ft² (2 coats)210



Stucco Fine is a high finish lime-based interior plaster. It is naturally antifungal, making it an ideal coating for the bathroom or any other living space. Easy to apply, it allows, in only two coats, to obtain a soft surface to the touch and with very decorative coloured transparency effects. Packaged as a powder to be diluted with water, the stucco fine can be tinted with the full range of Tockay natural dry pigments.




When using the product, the complete product information must be observed.

TIPSHEET: Surface Preparation for Plasters



– Venetian trowel (240 x 100 mm)

– Venetian trowel (200 x 80 Mm)

– Steel Trowel (200 x 80 mm)



The support must be dry, absorbent, coverable, solid, clean, dry, free of grease and any colouring substance that may appear by capillary action.



– Remove traces of glue and other chalky or flimsy finishes

– Remove binder build-up from plaster surfaces

– Remove all formwork oil residues from concrete

– Remove crumbly, flimsy plaster or masonry and repair with a similar material

– Carefully brush off powdery backgrounds

– Remove emulsion paints



Pour the powder into the specified amount of clean, cold water, stir with a powerful mixer (drill with whisk attachment) until a lump-free paste is obtained. Clean the edge of the bucket with a trowel from time to time. Let stand at least 15 minutes, mix again before use.

**Tip: Preparing the mixture one day before application will result in a better consistency (cover with plastic wrap).



1 kg of powder for 500-550 ml of water.



Stucco Fine can be tinted with up to 10% Tockay pigments (maximum 100 g of pigments for 1 kg of powder). Mix the pigments with a little water until there are no lumps, before adding them to the prepared Stucco Fine. We recommend cleaning the rim of the bucket with a trowel and pouring the tinted plaster into a new clean bucket to remove any untinted residue on the rim of the bucket. Stucco pigmented with ultramarine pigment must be used within 24 hours.

To tint, see our Tockay color chart.



Apply a coat of casein primer to absorbent surfaces such as mineral plaster, plasterboard, gypsum cellulose boards and concrete and allow to dry completely.



Rough surfaces, gypsum plasterboard or gypsum cellulose boards, must first be covered with Tockay 0.5 mm lime plaster. Sand after drying if necessary.



Minimum application temperature: 8°C.

Stucco Fine is applied in two or more thin layers. The first coat is applied uniformly on the whole surface. Allow to dry before applying the next layers. These can be applied either uniformly or irregularly for marbled effects. For marbled effects, first coat the surface in a scattered manner, without covering everything. Then, let the plaster pull, before covering the remaining spaces in the same way by slightly superimposing the different layers. Continue this work until the entire surface is covered.



As soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after the last coat of Stucco Fine is applied, apply generously, with a soft brush, the Polishing Soap in an even layer over the entire surface. Let it pull a little, before compressing, removing the excess soap. The result is a beautiful shine and a dirt-resistant, water-repellent surface, which is ideal for wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen). The polishing soap is made from natural Marseille soap. The waterproof quality is obtained by a chemical reaction of the soap with the lime of the Stucco Fine.



After at least 24 hours of drying time and to obtain a superior shine, apply a thin layer of Tockay Punic Wax and polish with a Venetian trowel.



For metallic effects, the Punic Wax can be tinted with Kreidezeit Pearl Gloss pigments. Other decorative effects can be achieved by using Kreidezeit Multi-Purpose Wax and stencils on the smoothed and soaped surface of the Stucco Fine. The shade is darker where the wax is applied, for a discreet and velvety decorative effect.



Dry after approximately 24 hours, at 20°C and 65% humidity.



Clean with water immediately after use.


Technical Data


Before using this product, consult its Technical Data Sheet.

Please note that the yield of Stucco Fine is given for the 2 coats necessary to achieve this finish. The yield may vary depending on the substrate, the application method and the quality of the surface. Determine exact yield by testing.



Colour Chart


Choose one of the 72 shades in our colour chart and rediscover the forgotten gestures of the craftsman by mixing your own color using Tockay natural dry pigments!

All natural, non-toxic and free of petroleum-based chemicals, our pigments are packaged in powder form and are easily mixed with water and then incorporated into the paint or plaster according to a precise recipe. For GekkkoSOL silicate-based paints, use GekkkoSOL thinner to dilute the pigments.

– Always be sure to remove lumps

– Ultramarine pigments should be used within 12 hours of preparation when mixed with a lime-based product


The online color guides are provided for information purposes only. Please note that color tones may not always be displayed correctly by different monitors and their settings. The same applies to prints of these color charts that you make yourself.

To get the best impression of our colors, we recommend the purchase of handmade color charts made from casein paint and natural dry pigments.


Please consult:

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