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Made from natural resins, Auro Wall Paint is naturally white with a slightly velvety matte finish.

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The classic Auro Wall Paint – 321 – is an interior paint that can, in many cases, be applied directly over existing water-based synthetic paint. Made from natural resins, it is naturally white with a slightly velvety matte finish. It is ready to use and can be diluted with water. The wall paint is available in white or light shades only. It applies easily with both brush and roller and has good abrasion resistance.

TIPSHEET: Comparative Table of Natural Paints and Techniques




When using the product, all complete product information must be followed.

Tipsheet on Surface Preparation

Tipsheet on Applying natural paint with a roller

Tipsheet on Paint application with a brush



For painting on mineral and organic surfaces (wallpaper, plaster, clay, concrete, sand-lime brick, plasterboard, etc.). It is also suitable for matte and absorbent synthetic resin emulsion paints (always test on a small area first).

Suitable for interior use.



Brush, roller, airless spray.



Available in white or light shades only, Auro Wall Paint can be tinted with 25 g of pigments for 10 L of paint.

To prepare the color, simply dilute the pigments in a little water and mix well to avoid lumps. The mixture should have the texture of slightly runny yogurt. Once the mixture is homogeneous, incorporate it into the paint and mix well.

Note: The wet paint remains translucent during application but becomes completely opaque once dry.


Intact and slightly absorbent surfaces: Regularly impregnate with Auro Wall Paint diluted with a maximum of 10% water if necessary. After 4 to 6 hours of drying, cover with one to two coats of undiluted Auro Wall Paint using a brush, roller, or airless spray.

Two coats are generally necessary to achieve a good finish.

Highly and irregularly absorbent surfaces: Apply a casein primer to even out the surface. After 8 hours of drying, cover with one coat of undiluted Auro Wall Paint using a brush, roller, or airless spray. An additional coat can be applied but is not necessary if the desired result is achieved.


Can be recoated after approximately 4 to 6 hours. Fully dry and resistant after 28 days. Drying time increases with higher air humidity and/or lower temperature. Adequate tempered ventilation is essential during drying.



Clean tools immediately after use with a vegetable soap (e.g., Marseille soap). Remove any product residue by scraping or brushing, and wash thoroughly with water.

Technical Data


Please note that the coverage may vary depending on the substrate, application method, and surface quality. Determine the exact consumption through testing.

Before using this product, consult its Technical Data Sheet.

Product Safety Data Sheet.


Colour Chart


Choose one of the 10 shades from our color chart and rediscover the forgotten skills of the artisan by mixing your own color using Tockay natural dry pigments!

All natural, non-toxic, and free of petrochemical components, our pigments are in powder form and easily mix with water before being incorporated into the paint or coating according to a specific recipe. For GekkkoSOL silicate-based paints, use GekkkoSOL thinner to mix the pigments.

– Always ensure that lumps are thoroughly eliminated.

– Only Ultramarine pigments must be used within 12 hours of preparation when mixed with a lime-based product.

All online color charts and printed brochures are for guidance only. Differences may appear in the representation of shades due to screen settings or printing.

To see a more accurate version of our colors, we invite you to make an appointment to visit our showroom.


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