GekkkoSOL Thinner (1 L)

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GekkkoSOL thinner is used to thin GekkkoSOL paint and its pigments.

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GekkkoSOL thinner, made of silicates, is used to dilute the pigments and the GekkkoSOL paint to facilitate its application and/or allow a better penetration on absorbent surfaces. It is essential in the specific use of GekkosSOL smooth paint.




When using the product, the complete product information must be observed.



On all highly absorbent surfaces, such as lime-based cement plaster or plaster, a dilution of about 10% GekkkoSOL thinner is recommended.

Before mixing the pigments with the paint, dilute them with GekkkoSOL thinner.



Clean with water immediately after use.



Wear safety glasses and gloves. In case of skin or eye contact, wash with plenty of water. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist, especially if eye contact occurs.

Protect surfaces that are not to be treated.

Splashes may create irreversible stains.


Technical Data


It should be noted that the yield may vary depending on the substrate, the application method and the quality of the surface. Determine exact consumption by testing.

Before using this product, consult its Technical Data Sheet