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A colourless binder made of 100% mineral silicates, GekkkoSOL lazure is used as a stain on untreated and absorbent wood – beams, floors, furniture or doors – allowing the wood grain to show through. It can also be used as a wall glaze with various decorative effects.


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1 litreApprox. 110 ft² (non-diluted)38.00
5 litreApprox. 550 ft² (non-diluted)170.00



GekkkoSOL lazure is used as a stain on untreated, absorbent wood – beams, floors, furniture or doors – to reveal the wood grain. It can also be used as a wall glaze with various decorative effects. GekkkoSOL lazure is a colourless binder made of silicates (100% mineral). It is easily tinted with the entire range of Tockay natural dry pigments. Its yield on wood is 110ft²/litre of undiluted stain. It is 330ft²/litre of diluted glaze (1 litre of glaze for 2 litres of water) for a wall glaze. The application of a protective coat is recommended on wood depending on the type of surface: Encaustic for furniture, Carnauba Wax Emulsion for less exposed areas or Hard Oil – Pure Solid – for floors.




When using the product, the complete product information must be observed.



GekkkoSOL lazure is designed for interior use only. It can change the colour of wood. It is therefore strongly recommended to test beforehand.

The GekkkoSOL lazure is recommended on GekkkoSOL paints and on untreated and absorbent wood.



– Clean and dust all surfaces to be treated

– For a more beautiful and regular appearance at the end, sand before application the planed wood in the direction of the fibers (120 grain)



For glazes on GekkkoSOL paint: dilute 1 part of binder to 2 parts of water.

To glaze a wooden surface: no dilution.

For highly absorbent wood: dilute with a maximum of 20% cold water.



On GekkkoSOL paints: GekkkoSOL lazure can be applied with a brush, sponge or according to different decorative techniques. Do not use a roller!

On wooden surfaces: Apply GekkkoSOL lazure with a natural bristle brush, using light pressure and changing direction several times.  Finish the application of the lazure evenly in one direction. If necessary, lightly sand (120 grain) the first coat when dry.



GekkkoSOL lazure can be applied in one or more layers. We recommend not more than 3 coats of undiluted lazure on wood and not more than 5 coats of diluted lazure (ratio 1:2) on GekkkoSOL paints.

Once dry, single-coat surfaces become dull. Additional coats, on the other hand, increase the gloss of the surface. Too many coats can create too much gloss and even cracks.



– 1 litre of undiluted binder can be tinted with a maximum of 200 g of pigments

– 1 litre of diluted binder (ratio 1:2) can be tinted with up to 75 g of pigment

The addition of pigment can shorten the shelf life of the binder. It is therefore advisable to use the tinted mixtures quickly.



GekkkoSOL lazure is a decorative finish only, so it needs an additional protective layer:

Floor milk: Carnauba Wax Emulsion for stain protection on woodwork and other lightly used areas. Does not accentuate the texture of the wood, satin appearance, non-yellowing, odorless, solvent-free.

Encaustic with beeswax and safflower oil: suitable for the protection of furniture and interior doors subject to moderate stress. Non-yellowing, water and dust resistant, enhances the color of wood.

Hard Oil – Pure Solid – : suitable for highly stressed surfaces, from floors to countertops. Honey colour, water and dust resistant, brings out the colour of the pigments.



Staining floors with tinted hard oils is an arduous task, best left to professionals, especially for large surfaces. Defects are difficult to correct, except by sanding the oily products, which is very time-consuming. With GekkkoSOL lazure, even amateurs can achieve good results!

Sand the wood evenly in the direction of the grain (100 grain or 120 grain) to avoid scratches that the lazure would bring out.

Remove dust, then apply the lazure evenly with a brush or sponge, always following the grain. Allow to dry.

Corrections are easy to make: excess colour can be easily reduced by lightly sanding, while lack of colour can be corrected by using diluted lazure.

Finally, apply Tockay Hard Oil – Pure Solid – according to the instructions given in the corresponding product Technical Data Sheet.



On GekkkoSOL paints: The binder can be covered with all Tockay wall paints. It is preferable to sand the surface beforehand if there are several layers.

On wood: The stain is recoatable with all Tockay oil-based products (stains and waxes). The stain can be removed by simply sanding.



Clean with water immediately after use. If necessary, use Marseille soap.


Technical Data


It should be noted that the yield may vary depending on the substrate, the application method and the quality of the surface. Determine exact consumption by testing.

Before using this product, consult its Technical Data Sheet



Colour Chart


  • 1 litre of undiluted GekkkoSOL lazure can be tinted with up to 200 g of pigment
  • 1 litre of diluted GekkkoSOL lazure (ratio 1:2) can be tinted with up to 75g of pigment

The addition of pigment can shorten the shelf life of the binder. It is therefore recommended to use the tinted mixtures quickly.

72 tints colour chart