Our products are manufactured in Germany by Kreidezeit and Auro, two companies that have chosen to declare in full the ingredients contained in each of their products and are signatories to the Code of Conduct of the International Association of Natural Building Materials (In.Ve.Na.). Each product is tested to European standards (more stringent than in North America) and has been awarded an EU VOC Value Certificate in accordance with 2004/42/EC. All products distributed by Tockay are solvent-free and petrochemical-free. All ingredients are eco-compatible. Most residues are even compostable. In all cases, they are suitable for household waste, unlike residues from synthetic products, which remain hazardous products.

No, the application of natural paints is generally comparable to that of ordinary synthetic paints, but they may have certain characteristics of their own. As they contain no chemical ingredients to enhance certain behaviors, they may require occasional stirring during application, and have slightly longer drying times. These characteristics are not a major obstacle in themselves, and above all avoid the use of toxic ingredients. All you need to do is observe a few simple rules of application. We invite you to read our tip-sheets for the different types of application. Don’t hesitate to contact us to choose the natural paint best suited to your project and expectations.

For equivalent quality, natural paints are no more expensive than synthetic paints. To compare two paints, it’s important to consider the yield* of each paint, for the same quantity. This makes it possible to calculate the quantity of paint needed for a project, and therefore the cost of the materials required.

*It should be noted that the yield may vary according to the way the paint is applied, as well as the porosity of the surface. It is therefore strongly recommended to properly prime all surfaces before applying a finishing paint.

Écohabitation article (in French only): https://www.ecohabitation.com/guides/2508/les-peintures-cout-versus-performance-et-qualite/

All Tockay products are available for purchase via our online boutique (tab ”Boutique”). You will be offered the option of “Pick up at our warehouse” (Entrepôt Fredyma, 5755 Des Rossignols Blvd., Laval) or “Delivery” (Canada Post).

Pick-ups are available the day after you place your order, on working days. For orders placed on Fridays, pick-ups will be available the following Monday.

Fredyma warehouse opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

If you need any advice, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail, we’ll be happy to help!

Some Tockay products are also available at Juneau in Quebec City (casein primer, lime paint, natural dry pigments and tools).

The raw materials used in Tockay products may have a slight, characteristic odor. This disappears as it dries.

Whether lime- or clay-based, Tockay products are healthy and recommended for all health-conscious people. They are recommended for people suffering from allergies or multiple hypersensitivities. It should be noted, however, that for some people, allergies to natural products are possible.

Lime is a noble, ancient and aesthetically beautiful material that has certainly made its mark around the world and throughout history. For centuries, it has been used for decorative, artistic and basic maintenance work. A tried-and-tested material with multiple virtues, just waiting to be (re)discovered.

Frequently asked questions about lime

It’s important to calculate the surfaces to be painted or coated to determine the quantity of product required. To help you do this, you can download and fill in the paint surface calculation form. Once you’ve established your surface areas, simply calculate the quantities you need, based on the yields given on each product sheet. For example, 10L of Tockay smooth lime paint yields approximately 730 sq.ft. (1 coat). So, to apply 2 coats on 1000 sq.ft., the quantity of Tockay smooth limewash paint required would be 3 x 10L.

Each product is accompanied by a technical data sheet, which can be found in the product data sheet (‘Technical data’ tab).

All the ingredients in our products are eco-compatible. Most residues are even compostable, and in any case, they are suitable for household waste. Simply allow your liquid products to dry before disposing of them. For full details, please refer to the technical data sheets on each product page (‘Technical data’ tab).

Certainly, Tockay offers personalized 30-minute consultations to meet your specific needs and help you make your color choices. Simply contact us to reserve a time.