The polishing soap is made from Marseille soap and composed of pure olive oil. It is used for the treatment of lime plasters of high finish such as decorative stucco, marmorino and tadelakt. It allows the treated surface to be water repellent while maintaining its ability to diffuse.



When using the product, the complete product information must be observed.



protective finishing treatment, especially for Tockay, Decorative Stucco, Marmorino and Tadelakt.



Decorative Stucco: Dry the last coat of Stucco Fine until it has become strong against impact, but do not let it dry out. Then apply the Polishing Soap evenly with a soft brush and press it with the trowel. Wipe off any excess soap from the tool.

Marmorino: When Marmorino gets shiny due to densification, is the right time to apply Polishing Soap. Processing otherwise as with Stucco Fine.

Tadelakt: Apply the Polishing Soap shortly after finishing the polishing of the second Tadelakt layer. The Tadelakt should be strong against impact, but not yet completely dried. Apply evenly with a soft brush. Let set a short while, then polish with the stone until uniform shine is achieved.

Maintaining and cleaning Decorative Stucco and Tadelakt : Simply clean with water, adding a little polishing soap or Marseille soap if necessary. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surfaces. Do not use abrasives or detergents.



Immediately after use with water.


Technical data

It should be noted that the yield may vary depending on the substrate, the application method and the quality of the surface. Determine exact consumption by testing.

Before using this product, consult its Technical Data Sheet available below:

Technical Data Sheet



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