GekkkoSOL is a purely mineral interior wall coating made of silicate. It has a double function. First, it is a finish paint with a slightly granular texture (which allows the creation of variable decorative effects), which is applied directly on an old synthetic paint. It is also a primer, perfect for renovation work because of its exceptional adhesion power. It is particularly useful to make the transition between a synthetic (latex) surface and a natural coating such as clay or lime paint, lime plaster or Tadelakt. This paint is white, ready to use and can be diluted with GekkkoSOL thinner. It can be tinted with the full range of Tockay dry pigments.


When using the product, the complete product information must be observed.



GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm can be used for different purposes:

– As a primer, prior to the application of Tockay paints

– As a finish paint

– As a primer before the application of a stain


GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm is suitable for interior use on many new surfaces or surfaces to be renovated:

– Old, well-fixed synthetic finishes, especially emulsion paints. Test before applying GekkkoSOL on latex paint!

– Lime plaster, lime/cement, plaster

– Plasterboards and gypsum boards (exception: Rigidur H)

– Old lacquers

– Concrete

On all new lime-based surfaces (plasters or paints), wait at least 4 weeks before painting with GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm.



The surface must be solid, clean, dry, free of dust and grease, and free of any coloring substance likely to appear by capillary action.

– Wash off old glue paints, eliminate chalky or weak paint remains. Remove the remains of wallpaper glue

– Carefully brush off powdery backgrounds

– Remove dust carefully from the surface

– Sand synthetic and lacquered surfaces

– Check the adhesion of old finishes, remove them if necessary

– Remove all residues of formwork oil from the concrete

– Remove crumbly, weak parts and repair them with the same type of material

– Block backgrounds that may show color with Shellac-Shielding primer

– Not suitable for use on wood, chipboard, plywood and related materials

– Clean and treat all traces of mildew on the surface

– All absorbent surfaces (test for absorption), such as plaster or lightly sanded surfaces, should be primed with Waterglass (1:1 dilution with water). Plaster-based plasters and plasters that have been levelled with plaster must be treated with casein primer. Wait approximately 12 hours before starting the next step.



**GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm should not be diluted with silicates or water. To thin it, use only GekkkoSOL thinner.

1- Fine elutriation, on glossy surfaces:

– 1 x GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm paint thinned with about 10% GekkkoSOL thinner to adjust the absorption capacity of the surface, if necessary.

2- Strong elutriation on dark surfaces:

– 1 x GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm paint thinned with about 10% GekkkoSOL thinner to adjust the capacity, if necessary

– 1 x GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm paint undiluted or diluted with a maximum of 10% GekkkoSOL thinner


GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm can be overpainted with any type of Tockay wall paint and stain.



GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm should be applied with a brush. On all highly absorbent surfaces, such as lime-based cement plaster or plaster, a dilution of approx. 10% GekkkoSOL thinner is recommended.



GekkkoSOL 0.5 mm can be tinted with a maximum of 10% of natural dry Tockay pigments. The maximum of Iron Oxide pigments is limited to 5%. Stronger shades can be obtained after consultation with Tockay. Before mixing the pigments into the paint, diluted them with GekkkoSOL thinner.



Fully dry and durable after 28 days. The drying time increases with high humidity and/or low temperature. Sufficient temperate ventilation is essential during drying.



Clean with water immediately after use. If necessary, use Marseille soap.


Technical data

It should be noted that the yield may vary depending on the substrate, the application method and the quality of the surface. Determine exact consumption by testing.

Before using this product, consult its Technical Data Sheet available below:

Technical Data Sheet


Color chart

Choose one of the 72 shades in our color chart and rediscover the forgotten gestures of the craftsman by mixing your own color using Tockay natural dry pigments!

All natural, non-toxic and free of petroleum-based chemicals, our pigments are packaged in powder form and are easily mixed with water and then incorporated into paints or plasters according to a precise recipe. For GekkkoSOL silicate-based paints, use GekkkoSOL thinner to dilute the pigments.

– Always be sure to remove lumps

– Ultramarine pigments should be used within 12 hours of preparation when mixed with a lime-based product

All color charts available online as well as the paper brochures are orientation guides only. Differences may appear in the representation of colors due to computer screen settings or printing.

To view a more accurate version of our colors, we invite you to make an appointment to visit us in our showroom.


Please consult:

72 color chart and recipes

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