Carnauba wax floor lotion is applied to previously treated (oiled or waxed) wood and cork floors, terracotta floors, worktops, or furniture to reinforce the protection and increase the dirt-repellent quality of the surfaces. Added to the washing water, it is used for the care of treated floors. Under certain conditions, floor milk can also be used on lime plaster to improve its water repellency. Depending on the type of installation and surface, it covers from 660 ft² to 770 ft²/litre.



When using the product, the complete product information must be observed.



The product must always be diluted! It is recommended to test the product on the surface beforehand.

Use the milk sparingly on smooth floors; otherwise, the floors will become slippery.

Do not use on heavily used surfaces, such as floors and worktops, without prior treatment with oil.


Maintenance: Apply to dull surfaces as needed.  Glossy surfaces do not require special care. Add 1-2 tablespoons of carnauba wax emulsion to 5L of warm water; then wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Allow to dry. It is not necessary to repeat the polishing.


Basic protection for oiled surfaces: Observe the prescribed curing time of the pre-treatment. Dilute 1 part carnauba wax emulsion with 2 parts water, and apply a thin layer with a soft, lint-free cloth or a wide brush. Allow to dry. The process can be repeated if necessary. Further polishing can be done with a soft cloth or pad.


Impregnating untreated wood beams, panels, and the inside of wood cabinets: Sand the untreated wood (100-120 grain) and dust. Dilute 1 part carnauba wax emulsion with 4 parts water and apply evenly with a soft sponge or a brush. Allow to dry.

The process can be repeated if necessary. It is possible to polish further with a soft cloth or pad.

Intermediate sanding (120 grain) may be helpful.



Approximately 1-2 hours at 20°C.


Technical data

It should be noted that the yield may vary depending on the substrate, the application method and the quality of the surface. Determine exact consumption by testing.

Before using this product, consult its Technical Data Sheet available below:

Technical Data Sheet



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