Kreidezeit lime paint


KREIDEZEIT Lime Paints are suitable for interior and exterior application. Due to their content of very fine dispersed marble lime, these paints offer a very bright white and they have enormous adhesive and binding capabilities while staying totally free of any synthetic resins nor artificial pigments, e.g. titanium white. The high diffusibility, capillarity and alkalinity protect against fungal infection for a long time. Thus KREIDEZEIT Lime Paints are especially suitable for humid rooms. Usually opaque after 2 coatings. Three coatings in the exterior will prolong the durability. Tinted lime paints are creating surfaces with typical changes in color intensity.


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Lime paint -smooth-
Format $ Price Coverage Coverage/liter
10 liters 105.00 730 ft2 73 ft2
1 liter 16.50 73 ft2 73 ft2

Lime Paint -textured-
Format $ Price Coverage Coverage/liter
10 litres 105.00 550 ft2 55 ft2
1 litre 16.50 55 ft2 55 ft2