GekkkoSol is a purely mineral silicate-based indoor wall covering. It has a dual function. It’s primarily a finishing paint that can be applied directly to an old synthetic paint. It can also provide an underlayer of grip, perfect for renovation work because of its exceptional adhesion power. It’s particularly useful for making the transition between a synthetic surface and a natural coating such as clay paint, lime plaster or tadelakt. This paint is white, ready to use and dilutable with GekkkoSol Thinner. It can be dyed with the full range of Kreidezeit dry pigments. It’s available in two textures: 0.5 mm (slightly granular) or smooth (matt, slightly eggshell). These allow for the creation of a variety of decorative effect


Advantages of GekkkoSol paint

•exceptional adhesion power

• basecoat or finish

• can be applied directly on synthetic paint

• two types of texture

• high coverage capacity

• highly diffusible

• inhibits mold growth

• purely mineral

• contains no synthetic products


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GekkkoSol paint

GekkkoSol fine grain

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GekkkoSol Paint
Format $ Prix Rendement Rendement/litre
5 litres 105 450 pi2 90 pi2
1 litre 25 90 pi2 90 pi2

GekkkoSol -Fine Grain-

Format $ Price coverage Coverage/liter
5 liters 105 300 pi2 60 pi2
1 liter 25 60 pi2 60 pi2